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Contact Person : Shunsuke Komoto

Company Description: 

GS Yuasa is battery manufacture for over 100 years from Japan.


For renewable energy, we offer the lead carbon battery (SLR series) which enhanced charging acceptability and grid durability against corrosion growth under Partial State of Charge condition with 5000 cycle life at 70% DOD.


For Critical facility, we offer Flooded lead acid battery and high purity VRLA which are 15+ years float design life.


All our batteries with proven quality provide safety and secure commitment to you.

GS Yuasa International Ltd.

Contact Number : +81 3 5402 5716

Products and Services

SLR Series, 5,000 Cycles at DOD70% Nano-Carbon Deep Cycle VRLA Battery for Energy Storage
CS Series, 14 Years Life Glass Tubular Flooded Lead Acid Backup Battery, Made in Japan
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