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Company Description: 

SHM Shipcare is one of the largest FRP Boat manufacturer, Lifesaving/Fire-Fighting service provider and aims to provide top quality solutions through its current service offering and future growth plans in Malaysia.


SHM provides a one-stop solution for both sales and services and ensures quality solutions; timely delivery of their products and services through a comprehensive infrastructure of manufacturing, supplying, servicing & repairing.


We enable our customers the freedom to operate, trade, travel, explore, innovate, and excel. SHM Shipcare takes pride in a customer centric, solution-based approach driven by incorporating the latest technologies and decades of experience.

SHM Shipcare Sdn Bhd

Contact Number : +603 3323 5253

Contact Person :

Murtaza Bin Hakimuddin

Products and Services

LSA-FFA Equipment
FRP boats.
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