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Contact Person : Siddharth Tomar

Company Description: 

Triveni REFURB is a vertical under Triveni Turbine Ltd (TTL), being one of the largest manufacturers of steam turbines in the world with 4000 installations in 70+ countries. Triveni REFURB focuses on turbines across any age, any make across the world.


Below are our specialized services across all brands:

•    Efficiency Enhancement & Extending life of Existing Turbines

•    Renovation & Modernization

•    Health Survey & Condition Monitoring

•    Repair of Rotor and Blades

•    Up gradation of Control and Electrical System

•    Compressor and Gas Turbine Spare Parts and Services

•    AMC& RLA

Advantages of Efficiency enhancement:


Upto 15% improvement in efficiency of your existing turbine of any brand


ROI under 2 years resulting in increasing profitability of operations


Life extension of turbine by over 100000 hours


Increase in span between 2 overhauls

Triveni Turbine Ltd (TTL)

Contact Number : +91 8826088669


Products and Services

Efficiency Enhancement & Extending life of Existing Turbines
High Speed Balancing
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